The deposit, how does it work?

At Greenwheels we charge a one-off deposit of 225 euros. A deposit is money that you pay and then get back if nothing has happened to - in this case - the Greenwheels car.

Why do we charge a deposit?

If there is damage to the Greenwheels car, we will deduct part of the deposit to repair that damage. We also do this in the case of fines and other violations. Of course we only withhold the deposit from the person who is liable for any damage or violation.

More about how it works
  • When do you pay the deposit?

    You pay the deposit during your registration. If you choose to pay with IBAN during your registration, you will pay the deposit of € 225 directly. If you choose to pay with your credit card, this amount will be reserved on your card. This means that the spending limit of your credit card will be temporarily lowered.

  • When will you get the deposit back?

    Upon cancellation of your subscription you will receive the deposit back. This happens within 8 weeks after the end date of your subscription. During those 8 weeks, damage, fines and other violations are checked.

    If you have paid by credit card, the spending limit of your credit card will no longer be reduced by 225 euros. If you have paid the deposit with IBAN, the amount will be refunded to your bank account.


Any questions?

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