Greenwheels & COVID-19

All our cars will stay available for when you need them. The safety of all Greenwheels drivers is of course our main priority. Read more about our measures concerning the COVID-19 virus. 


What does Greenwheels Business cost?

Different users, different subscription plans and special rates for day, weekend and week trips. Select the subscription that best suits you and your employees. All subscriptions can be cancelled with one month’s notice.

Most popular

Business Occasional

Business Regular

Business Frequent

€ 5 p/month
€ 25 p/month
€ 50 p/month
Tariffs (fuel incl.)
per hour € 4,10 € 6,10 € 9,10 € 3,10 € 4,60 € 7,50 € 2,05 € 3,05 € 6,70
per km € 0,29 € 0,39 € 0,17 € 0,25 € 0,34 € 0,12 € 0,21 € 0,29 € 0,10
Long trips (km. excl.)
Day € 45 € 49 € 79 € 35 € 39 € 69 € 25 € 29 € 59
Weekend € 59 € 69 € 119 € 49 € 59 € 109 € 39 € 49 € 99
Week € 139 € 149 € 249 € 129 € 139 € 239 € 119 € 129 € 229

Most economical option from a maximum of one trip a month.

Most economical option from up to five trips a month.

Most economical option from six trips a month or more.

Choose Business Occasional Choose Business Regular Choose Business Frequent

Fuel costs are included in the kilometer price, refueling costs nothing extra. There is a fuel card in every car, with which the refueling can be paid. 

Tariffs are excl. VAT.

  • Visit customers


    Drive 10 kilometre in a Volkswagen up!for 3 hours, including fuel.

    based on the "Frequent Business" plan excl. subscription fee and VAT.
  • To the office


    Drive 30 kilometre in a Volkswagen up!for 6 hours, including fuel.

    based on the "Frequent Business" plan excl. subscription fee and VAT.
  • Large purchases


    Drive 30 kilometre in a Volkswagen Caddy for 3 hours, including fuel.

    based on the "Frequent" subscription plan excl. subscription fee and VAT.

Which business subscription suits me?

How many hours and kilometres do you think you will be using Greenwheels per month? Find out here which subscription plan suits you best. Calculator is based on basic hourprice (long trips are excluded).

City car
0 150 300
0 25 50
Station wagon/Van
0 150 300
0 25 50
Electric car
0 150 300
0 25 50

We recommend using the regular business subscription

Based on your usage, the total monthly costs will be €58,00.* Did you know it costs an average of €359,- a month to own a car?**

* Total costs including use & subscriptions a month.
** Based on a new Volkswagen up!, five year ownership and 10,000 km a year, excluding parking permit, including depreciation, maintenance, etc. For more information, visit

Use Greenwheels with your NS-Business Card.

Use Greenwheels with your NS-Business Card.

The NS (Dutch Rail) and Greenwheels are both committed to sustainable transport. That’s why NS-Business Card holders can now become Greenwheels users too. There are Greenwheels cars at more than 90 NS stations across the Netherlands.

How it works.

  1. Simply register with Greenwheels via My NS Business.
  2. Two hours after registering as a user, you will be able to booked a Greenwheels car near you.
  3. Use your NS-Business Card to open your booked car.


All-in rates apply to all our car models for NS-Business Card holders. The all-in rate is € 8 per hour with a maximum of € 88 per 24 hour. There are 80 free kilometers included in each trip. Extra kilometers will have a surcharge of € 0,30 per kilometer, including fuel. Details about your trips with Greenwheels are neatly specified on your NS-Business Card invoice.

My NS Business

Avoid additional charges.

No one wants to be charged extra, so make sure you take account of the following:

  • Always return your Greenwheels car on time.

    You can extend your reservation via our Customer Service, website, app or the on-board computer. If someone has already booked your car, we will inform you when you need to return the vehicle. If the car is returned too late, causing a problem for the subsequent user, a fee of € 25 will be charged.

  • Do not violate any traffic rules.

    Fines for traffic offences are for the account of the user. In addition, an amount of € 10 per fine will be charged for administrative expenses.

  • Always leave your car in its own booked parking bay.

    Always return your car to its original location, so that the next user knows where to find it. If you are unable to do this, please call to let us know. Users who leave their cars in a different location without reporting back to Greenwheels will be charged € 25.

  • Make sure there is enough fuel in the tank.

    Cars that are returned must have at least a quarter tank of fuel. If you leave your car with less fuel, you will be charged € 25. The fuel costs will be paid by us and then charged to you in accordance with the kilometres driven.

  • Report any damage in a timely manner.

    Check your car for damage before you drive off. If you find new damage, please call us to report this, so that we know you are not responsible. The user’s excess per damage claim is € 350 The liability can be reduced to € 75 per damage event by paying an additional fee of € 4 per reservation.

  • Return your car clean both outside and inside.

    If a car is returned unclean, we will have to send out one of our employees to clean it, in which case you will be charged €25 for cleaning expenses. Please call us to report any cleanliness issues that you observe immediately (i.e. before you drive off), so that we know you are not responsible.

  • Do not smoke inside the car.

    Everyone wants to drive a fresh-smelling car. If any evidence is found of smoking in a Greenwheels car, Greenwheels has the right to charge a fee of € 25.