Vouchers, how do they work?

At Greenwheels we use driving vouchers. A voucher consists of a code. If you enter this code within your account, you can collect your driving credit. The driving credit is then settled with your next trip. The driving credit applies to both kilometers and time, unless stated otherwise.

How do you claim your driving credit?

Step 1: Not yet a member of Greenwheels? First register with Greenwheels.

Step 2: Go to 'My profile' and then to the 'claim your voucher' heading. Enter the voucher code.

Step 3: Make a reservation for a Greenwheels car of your choice at the desired time and location.

Step 4: Enjoy your Greenwheels ride. The voucher is automatically settled on the invoice during your journey.

See conditions
  • The conditions

    • The voucher can be claimed up to and including the communicated date.
    • The driving credit can be used up to 3 months after the claim, after which the value expires.
    • The driving credit can only be claimed if you have an account with Greenwheels.
    • The driving credit is valid on all car types and on both kilometer and time costs, unless stated otherwise.
    • The driving credit only applies to future reservations, it is then automatically settled on the invoice.
    • The voucher is not exchangeable for money and every (attempted) fraud or other unauthorized action is registered and results in the use of the voucher being denied.

  • The benefits of Greenwheels

    • Use of a Greenwheels car wherever and whenever you want.
    • The cars are available at more than 1,800 locations and at nearly 100 NS stations throughout the Netherlands.
    • You can become a Greenwheels member from € 0 per month. You can switch and cancel any subscription at any time. Upon registration you pay a € 225 deposit that you will receive when you cancel your subscription, provided there are no more outstanding costs.
    • You can register easily with your own OV chip card and then you can go on the road immediately.

    Redeem your driving credit now and experience the convenience of carsharing with Greenwheels!

    Camperen GW

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