Access to a car whenever it suits you.

Find a Greenwheels shared car near you and drive it today.

So funktioniert Greenwheels.

Warum Greenwheels?


If you drive less than 15,000 km a year, Greenwheels is less expensive than owning a car.

All settled

With Greenwheels, you don’t have to worry about insurances, road tax, maintenance and depreciation.


Greenwheels has been building a nationwide network of environmentally friendly shared cars for the past 20 years.

A subscription to suit every need and budget.

Ein Auto für alle Fälle.

A small, fuel-efficient car for in the city or a bigger vehicle that can carry all your belongings.


Problemlos von einer App aus geregelt.

Finding, reserving and opening a car– it’s easy with our Greenwheels app.


Immer ein Auto in Ihrer Nähe.

Find a Greenwheels shared car near you and drive it today.

  • Andreas

    I sold my car recently. Driving with Greenwheels is affordable, easy and very quick. For me it's the perfect service!

    Andreas D., Hamburg
  • Heiko

    Although I will soon move to the island of Usedom, I will keep using Greenwheels for my visits to Rostock. There I can always use a car whenever I need it, I've been using Greenwheels for years.

    Heiko P., Rostock