The ideal car.

The more cars on the road, the more pollution in the air, the more traffic jams and the higher the costs. That’s bad news, for the environment and for your wallet.

Because Greenwheels users share cars with each other, they’re more environmentally friendly and they’re saving costs. Greenwheels gives you all the benefits of a car, without the hassle and expense of owning one.

Greenwheels lets drivers borrow a car whenever they need one. For example, to transport a sofa or take the whole family out for a day.

Greenwheels lets drivers borrow a car whenever they need one.

And if you don’t need our service anymore for a while, we’ll disappear just as fast as we arrived: out of your head, and out of your budget. But we’ll always stay close. So give us a call if you need us.

Greenwheels has been building a international network of environmentally friendly cars for the past 20 years. That’s why Greenwheels has been available for the past two decades as a partner for anyone who enjoys being mobile while taking the environment into consideration.


Car ownership -30%

Thanks to our smart network of 1,700 cars, you have 24/7 access to a car, whenever it suits you. On average, one Greenwheels car is used by 21 people.

Car use -18%

Our users travel fewer kilometres by car than they used to. On average, the amount of kilometres driven has decreased by 18%. This is because Greenwheels users now choose the best means of transport depending on the destination. The use of bicycles, buses and trains among our users has increased by 5% to 20%.

Quality of life

Greenwheels users are responsible for 230 kg to 320 kg less CO2 emissions per year. The Greenwheels concept not only has less impact on the environment compared to car ownership, it also reduces the number of cars on the road and parked in the street. Fewer cars means more space for walking, playing, meeting other people and other nice things in our environment.

The more people get involved in car sharing, the greater the effect.

  • The new Greenwheels app


    Smarter. Faster. More complete.

    It’s completely new and will make your life without car that much easier. Looking for the nearest Greenwheels? You will easily find it and immediately be able to see the distance to it. Want to book a day, weekend or week trip? It’s very simple! Just as unlocking your car is: a screen wipe away. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

    Not a Greenwheels customer yet? Thanks to the new app, registration is now easier than ever. Visit the App Store or Google Play and enter the world of modern mobility: Greenwheels!

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  • The new Greenwheels website


    Greenwheels is celebrating its twentieth anniversary! This is something to be proud of. It’s also a good time to look ahead and plan for the future.

    That’s why we are busy developing a brand new, user-friendly website which is already open for visitors and browsing, but will be officially launched in a few months’ time.

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